The future role of Civil Society

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IEMC-UNESCO would like increase the awareness regarding the issues of civil society, thus we re-post a very interesting report.

“Civil society actors – including NGOs, labour organizations, faith groups and a range of other emerging actors – are more important than ever. The past decade has seen the rise of the increasingly aware, connected and educated global citizen demanding new ways of engaging with business and governments in a time of economic and political turbulence.

The Future Role of Civil Society report is the outcome of an eight-month project, in collaboration with KPMG International and involving over 200 leaders and experts, looking at how trends in technology, politics, society, economics and the environment are affecting the evolution of civil society and its implications for stakeholders. The report presents the main global trends impacting the relationships between sectors, highlights the value that civil society provides and explores how the role of civil society might change over the coming two decades as a result. A particular challenge highlighted for civil society leaders is to balance the emerging roles of facilitator, enabler and constructive challenger towards other sectors, while adapting to the rapidly shifting context of a technology-driven and uncertain world. Leaders from business, government and international organizations will gain insight into new models of approaching societal challenges that draw on the unique resources and perspectives of civil society actors.”


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