The cultivation and the development of friendship and cooperation between the members in the Societies of this Association and generally between the people of all the regions in the entity of European, Mediterranean ,Middle East North African, Black Sea, Red Sea and Arab Countries areas, united under their diversities, aiming at the moral and material promotion of the peoples of all European , Mediterranean , Middle East, Black Sea , North African and Arab countries, at the securing of Peace , of Democracy as well as the respect and promotion of Human Rights and Freedom in the areas, the Family protection, the Equality of sexes, the protection of Women and Children, the Environmental protection , the promotion of the Principle of “ Education for All”, promotion of Issues regarding matters related to Youth, the promotion of Information and Communication, the Research and Quest of programs Aiming at the Promotion of New Natural Resources, Energy issues ( as the water issue) . Also , the promotion of fruitful diversities of Cultures protecting the diversity of Cultural expression ,the Encouragement and Cooperation on issues of Cross-Cultural Strategies and activities of Mutual Cultural Exchanges, the Protection of World Heritage Monuments , as well as the Promotion of the National Cultural Identity and all Tangible and Intangible Heritage.
In order to achieve the abovementioned objectives the Association performs the following functions:

  1. Gives advice to its members and applies their decisions.
  2. Informs its members about the General Strategic Guidelines and Policies of its members’ and the proposed actions and activities following the adequate procedures in order to place them in harmony with the Aims, Directions and Guidelines of UNESCO.
  3. Undertakes International Campaigns for the Promotion of all UNESCO’S objectives.
  4. Participates and represents its members at the European Union, as well as at any National or International Organizations ( UN ESCO, UNICEF, WHO, e. t. c ) as well as the United Nations and its affiliated Organizations dealing with matters relevant to its objectives.
  5. Executes National and European Studies, Researches, Projects and Statistics for its own use and distribution to its members.
  6. Supports and Promotes the participation of its members – Societies in responsible posts within the National and International Unions and Organizations.
  7. Draws up and promotes projects for the attainment of its objectives.
  8. Aims at the creation of an Intangible Heritage Center containing the intangible treasures of all the participant countries.
  9. Aiming also at the Creation of a Digital Archive Bank containing all Intercultural activities information about the Historic elements of Cross Cultural issues of the regions ( countries e. t. c) mentioned in this Statute.
  10. Deliberates and Cooperates with European and International Organizations having similar objectives and requests for their Assistance.
  11. Promotes the incorporation of the European Law regarding Cultural Issues, Women’s issues, Youth Issues, Environmental issues, Educational and Pedagogical, into the National Law of the European and Mediterranean countries.
  12. Promotes the cross-cultural cooperation of the Peoples of the areas between other neighbor or not Countries, promoting Peace and Freedom, “ Education for All”, Human Rights, Youth issues, Protection and Preservation of the Environment, the Defense and Utilization of Natural Resources , Water issues, and Equality.