Day Trip at Mycenae & Nafplio for International students

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ESN KAPA Athens in cooperation with ΙΕΜC UNESCO organised a Day Trip at Mycenae & Nafplio for 70 Erasmus students originating from all over Europe, in order to show them some key elements of the Greek civilization and culture. The trip took place at 18/02/2012. For the first stop in Mycenae, IΕΜC UNESCO had arranged a guided tour for our group in the archaeological site and museum where an archaeologist informed us about the history of the place. Later we visited Nafplio where journalists from a local TV Channel and a newspaper interviewed us about the purpose of our visit there. After that, the Deputy mayor and a Local councilor walked with us to a guided tour in the city that was also arranged by IΕΜC UNESCO. The foreign students loved all the sites that we visited and they were very pleased with this trip. The feedback from the Erasmus students was very positive in general.

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